Cycle 25 observations in SDO HMI imagery

Date Time Location Classification N spots @ 1K Image (4K res.)   Comments
20180531 12:00
20180409 12:00
20180219 09:30 N53W18 AXX 1    
20180126 21:00 S37W07 AXX 1   negative polarity spot not visible at 1K
20170910 12:00 N36E09 BXO 2    
20170828 12:00 N43W13 AXX 2   negative polarity spot too small

While smaller spots with the correct polarity alignment of cycle 25 regions have been observed at high latitude locations as early as 2016, this overview will only include spots large enough to have been visible at a 1K resolution. In the case of reversed polarity cycle 24 regions, those that are not at a sufficiently high latitude (ie. 30 degrees or more), are considered most likely to belong to cycle 24 and will not be included in this list until closer to the actual solar cycle minimum (likely to be sometime between April and December 2018).